Tiger was raised by bikers in the Southwest’s answer to Hawaii, growing up in oily overalls and not realising until she was ten that Buddy Holly was in fact dead! This tomboy grew into a burlesquer with a particular love for all things tropical (except malaria)!  Her acts are fabulously cheeky, humorous, sometimes dark and always well conceived.  Described by her peers as “a truly vibrant, colourful performer with a relentless energy that is entirely captivating”.

Interested in comedy drama from a young age, she studied Expressive Arts at school and went on to perform comedy roles in local theatre productions.  She has been involved in local and student theatre over the years, taken belly dance lessons and has been trained in burlesque performance by renowned performers in the field and has been performing in the UK since 2010.

Producing shows since 2011, Tiger co-founded and co-produced the first year of the Bristol Burlesque Festival, which is still going strong!

An avid writer, Tiger has contributed articles to online burly magazine Coochie Crunch, and print magazine Burlesque Bible, as well as having her own novel available from all good online stores!



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